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Take a look at our solutions for vacancies in residential corporations and experience for yourself the benefits that job marketing provides: reach more candidates and fill the position faster at lower cost!

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Brockmeyer Jobmarketing Experts: the leading specialist in recruitment tools

As a recruiter, it is sometimes difficult to find good candidates for your client. Brockmeyer Jobmarketing Experts is the industry specialist when it comes to reaching the right candidate for any vacancy. Our years of experience in job marketing for education have taught us exactly where to find your perfect candidate. Using targeted recruitment campaigns, we let the perfect candidate know that you have a job open for them!


Our proven proces:

Know your ideal candidate

By getting to know your ideal candidate we know exactly how it relates to the labor market and how heavy the recruitment pressure is for this target group.

Reach your ideal candidate

Based on 10 years of historical performance data from 2,000+ (job) sites, we can very accurately predict which channels will work best for your specific vacancy. That way you are always assured of an optimal reach.

Attract your ideal candidate

We offer services to improve your (vacancy) content. By tuning this to your ideal candidate you increase the conversion to a whopping 350%.

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