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What we do

Job Marketing: the best responses to every vacancy, guaranteed

  • Significantly better responses to your vacancy
  • Fill a vacancy faster at lower rates
  • Savings up to 40%

Brockmeyer Jobmarketing Experts knows exactly where to find the perfect candidate for your vacancy. By using the best possible combination of job vacancy sites, Google advertising, banner campaigns, direct mailings, and social media campaigns, we get you in touch with the best candidates. The best part of it all: it saves you plenty of time and money!

Job Marketing

Job marketing is all about data. By continuously measuring the performance of over 2,000 media channels, we know exactly which ones are best suited for your vacancy. We would be happy to provide you with customized recruitment advice, including realistic expectations per media channel. This allows us to guarantee that you always get the best responses to every vacancy— who says that you can’t have quality and quantity?

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Social Media Campaigns

Did you know that over 75% of your perfect candidates aren’t even looking for a new job yet? Brockmeyer Jobmarketing Experts knows how to reach this audience through the use of social media campaigns. We also guarantee you the most effective advertisement for the best possible results. Not to mention, we post your vacancy to our exclusive Facebook Communities for even better responses!

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Unique Benchmarking

Our unique system BControl contains nearly ten years of data from over 100,000 vacancies on 2,000 media channels. By continuously adding to and analyzing this data, we are able to predict with incredible precision which media channels will yield the optimum response to vacancies in any sector. Our free customized advice will always get you the best candidates.
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Employer Branding

Presenting your business as a good employer brand is becoming increasingly important. You can strengthen your position as a great employer by taking advantage of employer branding. In doing so, you will optimise your position in the labour market and become more attractive to the best candidates.

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Writing Vacancy Texts

Each day, hundreds of job postings appear in the Netherlands alone. They all have one goal: finding the perfect candidate! A good vacancy text ensures that your opening stands out among all the other interesting jobs. Brockmeyer Jobmarketing Experts is eager to help you with it!

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Huge purchasing benefits

Since we purchase our advertising space in bulk, we can provide you with purchasing benefits of up to 40% on over 1,500 recruitment channels. We will also take the work of posting your vacancies off your shoulders for no additional cost! This saves you a lot of time, money, and always guarantees the best possible responses to your vacancy.

Still not convinced?

Experience the advantages of job marketing for yourself! Request commitment-free recruitment advice now–at no cost to you!

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