Better text equals better response

Writing Vacancy Texts

4 simple steps for the perfect job vacancy text

  • Stand out among all those other vacancies
  • Reach the best candidates
  • Attract the best applicants

Each day, hundreds of job postings appear in the Netherlands alone. They all have one goal: finding the perfect candidate! A good vacancy text ensures that what you offer stands out among all the other interesting jobs. Using these 4 simple steps, you can write the perfect vacancy text yourself.


Step 1: Introduction to your ideal candidate

Initially, vacancy texts are often scanned rapidly by the reader. In just a matter of seconds, they decide whether they find the vacancy interesting or not, so it is crucial that you make a good first impression. Do this by clearly defining your target audience and highlighting the things they feel are important.

Step 2: The layout of your vacancy text

A vacancy text should also stand out in terms of formatting and text layout. A candidate reads a vacancy text in a certain way, which means a good layout allows you to capture their interest right from the start. Firstly, it is extremely important that the reader feels they are being addressed directly. Start with a strong header and state the desired background and experience early on in the text. This weeds out undesirable candidates at an earlier stage, while the right candidate feels like you are speaking directly to them and is encouraged to continue reading.

Step 3: Holding their interest

You have filtered through the first wave. Now it is time to keep the suitable candidates interested. Do that by using the second person (“you”) and writing terse, meaningful sentences. Be sure that the content of your text is focused—you don’t want your candidate to become distracted by irrelevant information. Be specific about what you expect, so that they can imagine themselves in the position. Avoid meaningless clichés like “proactive”, “hands on”, and “dynamic”. If the candidate is still reading by then, you have a good potential candidate in your crosshairs. It is right at this moment that you will attempt to win them over with an offer and all the benefits offered by your company. Be specific about these.

Step 4: The big picture

A good vacancy text will drastically improve your results, but, of course, you cannot simply rely on text to find you a good candidate. It is equally important that you choose the right media channels for your vacancy. Brockmeyer Jobmarketing Experts knows exactly which media channels are best in reaching your dream candidate. Add to this your perfect vacancy text and you hold the recipe for success: that talented professional is in the bag!

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